is Chicago’s first web-based TV station geared toward the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community. We want to bring you real and relevant stories from our neighbors, co-workers and friends, stories with a direct impact in our city lives.

In a global world Gay Chicago TV is a refreshing look at real issues, real people, and real communities for LGBTQ people in the Chicago metropolitan area. We think local to support local, we choose to care for Chicago, our people, our small business owners, our communities.  As a small business we understand the importance of supporting other small businesses; by taking our shows “to the streets” and filming in small businesses around the metro area we highlight local gay owned or gay friendly small businesses.

Gay Chicago TV offers high quality and diverse content for the whole LGBTQ community. We feature local information, events, sports, and showcase local actors, comedians, and filmmakers. We also offer platforms to highlight local non-profit organizations and to ask local politicians directly about LGBTQ Chicagoan’s issues and hold them accountable. Whatever your interest: parenting, sports, social events, politics we have something for you. We are thinking outside the box.



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