m as some people like to call her (because it’s shorter) has been working in the Media industry since she graduated from the University of Illinois in Champaign/Urbana back in 2006.

Wait, why the heck do people always write in the third person in these things? Here we go…

As soon as I received my Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism I was off to a tiny town in Wisconsin where I worked as an on-air reporter and weekend weather anchor (I knew absolutely nothing about meteorology before this gig). It was there I learned to not only write my own stories and be comfortable on-air, but also to shoot and edit. It was also at this job where I cultivated my love for cheese. Just kidding. I totally loved cheese before that.

I’ve done a bunch of other stuff too, like working as a production assistant for “The Jerry Springer Show”, traveling to Peru to do some investigative journalism and working as a news anchor at my college radio station.

Right now I work full-time as a Television Producer (News) in Chicago. But my favorite part of the job isn’t telling people the news; it’s actually talking you guys. I love getting out there and meeting Chicagoans, sharing your stories and hopefully making you laugh.

Speaking of which…I’m also a blogger. I’m not saying I’m funny, I was just trying to segue into my uber awesome online blog. You know, because everyone in the world has one. One of my proudest accomplishments: reaching out to the local community and getting 1.43 million hits on my site in one month. I’m not trying to brag (yes I am).

If we ever have a chance to meet, don’t be fooled by my irreverent sense of humor, I’m actually a sweetheart. At least that’s what my mom says.