Kelly Beeman

Kelly is very excited to be producing and hosting “Among Girls”.  Kelly has been among girls her whole life growing up in Virginia with her three sisters.  She attended college Roanoke College where she received a bachelor’s degree in Physics.  Her infatuation with her best friend caused her grade point average to suffer but she’d like to see you get more than a 2.4 GPA in Physics!  Although being a goofball her whole life, she has been in comedy for 8 years.  She is a graduate of Second City’s Writing and Improv programs, Andy Eninger’s Sybillization solo improvisation program, and currently in the Second City Conservatory program.   She has been a member of the sketch comedy groups The Uncomfortables, All World Cowboys, and most notably GayCo Productions where she wrote and performed in the critically acclaimed show “iHole,” the revival of “Whitney Houston We Have a Problem,” political comedy festival “This Country’s F$cked”, “Breast in Show”, and “Scream if You Love Christmas”.  She “daylights” as a Reliability Engineer at Motorola Mobility.  Kelly also has been professionally funny when writing and performing in training sketches for Motorola and hosting and performing for Lambda Legal and Personal Pac.  Kelly loves combining nerdy smart with hilariously goofy things.  Which is why she is trying to mate a beagle wearing reading glasses with a labrador wearing an afro wig.