Mike Chapter currently serves as director of Food IQ, LLC, a consultancy offering business-oriented culinary and food solutions to retail and foodservice markets, creative services including recipe development, prototyping, writing and food styling.  Mike is a seasoned culinary and business professional with broad experience in the food industry.  Mike’s expertise includes consumer packaged goods for the retail and foodservice sectors, research and development for the restaurant industry, restaurant management, and culinary education and training.  A graduate of both Purdue University (Foods & Nutrition) and Kendall College (Culinary Arts), Mike brings passion, business savvy, and an incredible attention to detail to every project.

Mike’s passion for healthy cooking and eating finds him searching for new ways to add nutritious foods to people’s diets and he enjoys teaching others about the joys of cooking healthfully without sacrificing taste.  Private in-home cooking classes are customized to meet each client’s needs and offer a fun and interactive way for friends to cook, eat, laugh, and learn.

As a corporate chef with Kraft Foods, Mike spent 8 years developing new product concepts and recipes for frozen pizza, meal kits, shelf-stable sauces and dressings, processed cheese, snacks and cookies.  Mike has been on the faculty of both Le Cordon Bleu and Kendall College culinary schools.  As an independent consultant, he has provided services to major food retailers and manufacturers, including Wal-Mart, Nestle, Kraft, The Pampered Chef, Wilton Brands and Vita Foods.  His passion for food extends beyond working hours when he teaches cooking classes for the city of Chicago and at a neighborhood retail store.  Mike enjoys travelling abroad to experience cultures and cuisines; baking; vegetarian cooking; local music, art and dance; giving tours to visitors to Chicago and is a volunteer English as Second Language instructor.